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About me

I adore aromas and the soothing effect that natural aromas bring. As an aromatherapist with a flair for beautiful aromatic blends I can conjure up seasonal, heart lifting blends in a flash.


I believe everyone is entitled to a calm, balanced, joyful and supported life. 

The vision for cróna’s candles is to provide a completely natural aromatherapy candle, using organic botanical oils and 100% natural wax. A candle that, when lit, provides a soothing atmosphere that uplifts the spirit within us all.

I can also create unique blends; such as bride and groom candles, that special smell that will always transport them to their big day! Or I can come to your pre-wedding discussions to provide a consultation service and create candle favours.


My product is of the highest quality; handpoured, using organic botanical essential oils and vegan friendly eco soy wax. All oils can be traced to source. 

The candle itself is a lovely light cream ivory colour and it leaves very little residue on the clear, heavy bottomed base glass. The packaging is white with a simple pale copper and pink label. 

Suggestions for use

  • a wellbeing gift

  • a self-care gift

  • a gift for a partner, friend, or family member 

  • wedding favours

  • bridal party gifts; bridesmaids’ thank you gifts; bride and groom gifts

  • a new mum gift

  • a study support gift

  • an ‘I care about you’ love gift

Or simply visit my new store in Church Street, Stow on the Wold.

In gratitude,


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